Urbania will try to understand the status of urban reforms in detail through studies and documentation and their post implementation issues through the secondary evidence. These policy briefs will be solution oriented that will help implement successful schemes for beneficiaries.The aim of Urbania will be to promote innovative models catering to urban issues through pilot projects and their feasibility analysis will be conducted. The successfully curated projects will be accelerated after the feasibility analysis of the project keeping demand and the nature of the market.

Micro-finance and the Business Correspondent models:

The RBI had rightly promoted the BC model to ensure that banking services are available to economically as well as geographically disadvantaged sections of the society in order to ensure financial inclusion. After a decade of implementation of BC model, a study is required on the success of BC model in the urban slum area and what other savings opportunities are currently accessed by the bottom of pyramid population.

Sexual Health Clinic for Women:

Women in slums or those coming from marginalised sections of the society find it difficult to access health product that are closely associated with their sexual/reproductive well-being. The attempt in this case will be to set up health clinics with which are run by women to tackle the issue of shame or apprehension faced by potential female customers while demanding such services. This will be tested in Mumbai on pilot basis.

Noida Urban Slum Study:

The study aims to stimulate serious academic interest and to inform public debate on the essential issues posed by slums in the developing world. A policy document on Noida Slum will be ready for civil society, government, corporate and technology experts to utilize it for Urban Governance.

Mumbai transport study:

Mumbai transport study: Mumbai is going through transportation upgradation where alternative modes of transportation are being created and simultaneously new routes are also added to ease out to commute to citizens. This study aims to assess the existing modes of transport and the proposed plans of connectivity. It will focus on feasibility, accessibility and sustainability and also analyse the current state of functioning of existing modes of transport in the city and the scope for their upgradation and lacunae in pricing, regulation and connectivity.

Smart City Development:

Smart City Development: We conducted the feasibility study in some areas of Kanpur city to understand the existing resources, infrastructure and people’s basic amenities. Beyond that we also studied the behavioural response of people towards the adaptability to new technological changes that will be brought by smart city project.

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