Samanvay is Idiog’s Development Research & Implementation wing. Our team works with Government, Corporate and Non- Governmental organisations to research, consult and implement projects through sustainable approach. Samanvay believes in micro level innovations for existing social problems which need to be intervened through multidisciplinary approach.

Our services:

Need Assessment Studies

Samanvay conducts need based assessment for projects and recommends sustainable initiatives in keeping with Company’s requirements and resources. We use various tools such as baseline survey, interview method, primary and secondary research and community resource mapping. We have partnered with PSUs, Corporate, Research agencies and Non-Governmental organisations.

Impact Assessment

We conduct impact assessment studies to assess the long-term value creation and effectiveness of project interventions. We have expertise in evaluating strategic, micro, macro and policy level interventions based on the scale of operations. Our team conducts impact assessment to find out the result and future consequences of current projects to make it sustainable in the long run.
Social Return on Investment (SROI) Forecast Analysis SROI standardises, forecasts and evaluates and develops project that is supposed to be implemented in the field. SROI maps social, economic and environmental benefits arising from the project.

Development Research

Samanvay has worked in diverse setup including geographical locations, heterogeneous culture and societal demands. We believe research oriented action is core to solving problems at micro as well as at macro level.

Developing CSR Strategy & Vision

We assist Corporates in conceptualisation and development of their CSR Strategy with well-defined vision, mission and objectives. We also design projects which best leverage the expertise and resources of the company to achieve maximum impact. A defined CSR road-map helps to visualise impact, track progress and review for sustainability of projects in the long run. After undertaking thorough research, Samanvay has prepared plan on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability for PSUs, Corporate and Development Foundations using primary and secondary research data.

CSR Reporting & Communications

We help the companies in reaching out to the relevant stakeholders through CSR reports, Annual reports, Sustainability reports, Website reporting and Newsletters. Communication within stakeholders and beyond is necessary to make people aware of relevant work that has been done under CSR activities. Samanvay believes in a full –fledged documentation with the help of communities, corporate and NGOs.

Capacity Building & Training

We provide Sustainability Training Programs and offer long-term support/ handholding for organisation's senior and middle management. This enables the company to implement its policies, deliver the road-map and effectively use sustainability management tools. To find out solutions to development challenges, we need skilled force that can tackle it thoroughly with the help of required skills. Samanvay collaborates with Corporate, Young professionals and NGOs to train them for the emerging sector.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring & Evaluation is necessary for an effective, accountable and sustainable implementation of development projects. Funding agencies often support implementing partners for running projects in remote and inaccessible locations that are out of reach to funders. When it comes to international development agencies then gap even becomes wider. Samanvay develops framework to derive key indicators/milestones to monitor the progress, outcomes of the project.

Social Campaign/Cause marketing

Samanvay supports causes that have long-term policy implication at grounds. We take opportunity to collaborate with like-minded institutions to protect, promote and work for a social cause that needs to be solved through campaign approach. We’ve worked on implementation of projects in Marathwada, Delhi, Haryana and Noida region with the help of local communities.

Action Research

Samanvay has a team of community research professionals which has worked on immediate problems after conducting research with communities. In action research, we invite local communities to participate in the process of research and implementation. We have conducted participatory action research in some of the interior regions of India.

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