Pragya Balika Fellowship will provide an opportunity to young education enthusiasts who want to make primary education more inclusive and sensitive towards female students. The gender research fellowship aims to facilitate an inclusive learning with tangible outcomes in terms of policy briefs and innovative education models. This will reflect and ensure gender friendly school environment, positive learning outcome and provide primary education gendered policy intervention over the period. Fellows will play a dual role, first as an education facilitator and second as a policy researcher based on field interaction with the stakeholders. Throughout the duration of this fellowship, the fellows will be assigned a research mentor, who will guide, direct and regulate their role and the outcomes that they produce as a fellow. The fellows will be working on the primary principle of creating sustainable, creative and engaging models that promote gender sensitivity and inclusion at the level of primary education.

The fellowship will run over a period of one year which will be a rigorous engagement, ensuring a fine balance of research and field exposure.


  • Producing gender centered primary education policy that can solve the existing problems
  • Developing an inclusive learning approach keeping students, parents, and school in mind
  • Creating a Gender friendly academic environment, infrastructures, curriculum and equal gender representation
  • Nurturing new generation of Edupreneurs who can tackle problems faced by present primary education system

The Process:

The fellows will engage in two core initiatives, as a learning facilitator, and as a policy researcher.


  • Thematic focused group discussions on respective issues
  • Conducting monthly interactive sessions with Students and Parents
  • Formulating a gender inclusive school plan on the maximum participation of stakeholders
  • Rapport building with all identified stakeholders for a formal introduction, seeking their support and feedbacks
  • Weekly meeting with stakeholders, creating the best possible channel for communicating with respective partners

Gender Policy Researcher –

  • Policy thesis writing
  • Mid term presentation and review of the findings
  • Draft proposals will be shared among research mentors for review and adoption of fellows
  • 4) Preparing proposal after an in-depth discussions with partners in the field and literature review
  • Field work and writing at least two policies related to analytical commentaries along with maintaining field dairy

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