Bargad, the soft power think tank of Idiog has been created with the mission of promoting the culture and heritage of India. Bargad works on the vision of inclusivity and aims to empower people. We ensure the authenticity of the culture and traditions is not compromise. It will primarily be responsible for providing professional expertise and enabling the implementation of by which the promotion of the culture and heritage of India can be utilised for Harmony, Livelihood Promotion and Conservation of our tangible and intangible diversity.

Bargad has the following sub-projects:

  • Languages of Indian Film Festival: We promote and showcase diverse Indian languages through films and encourage cultural cinema productions. We want to enterprise cinema that is coming from linguistic diversity of India. Currently, we are focussing on North-east area which has a great potential in cultural richness and diversity.
  • Bargad Cultural Cafe: The cultural café will be the key means of propagating Indian cuisines. It could also be a means to promote the music and aesthetics through the décor and ambience. The café will also be a space for the locals to indulge in internal as well as external workshops and storytelling exercises.
  • Creating opportunities to empower locals, especially women
  • Bargad Cultural Institute: The Bargad Cultural Institute will be an Indian organization which will work towards promoting language, culture, supporting local Indians teachings internationally and facilitate exchange of different cultures.

The project also includes some interesting aspects such as:

  • Promotion of Rural Tourism
  • Heritage walk and local tourism development
  • Local cuisine promotion through cultural cafe
  • Writing residency programme and promotion of literature from various region
  • Organising regional film festival and establishing museum of local culture

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