Who We Are


“Redefining and broadening the development sector in emerging economies through multi-stakeholders, interdisciplinary and action research approach."


  • Utilization of ‘Knowledge & Media’ as a key to Development Activities
  • Taking Cause Campaign beyond advocacy, converting it in real time solutions
  • Promotion of Social Businesses that are impact driven, sustainable and innovative
  • Incubating projects on ‘grants’ and expanding through ‘revenue generation’ model
  • Focusing incubation projects on ‘grant based’ but its expansion through ‘revenue generation’
  • Creating a consortium of development institutions and individuals from South Asia, Africa and Latin America for ‘Global South Development Cooperation’.
  • Supporting partners, clients and entrepreneurs with projects, resources and avenues for larger Social Impact Activities

Our History

Idiog Consultancy Services LLP is a knowledge and media consultancy firm started by a group of development professionals to reach out to emerging and existing players across development spectrum . Idiog started with the objective to curate and promote innovation within the development sector and also support skill and knowledge upgradation of existing organisations.


"My experience at Idiog was very gratifying. I was able to make a research about CSR in India while receiving great input from the members of Idiog team. This allowed me to combine theoretical knowledge with more pragmatic experience. Additionally, coming from a law background, it was an enriching experience to participate at Idiog's meetings, in which participants had different backgrounds and were able to give a holistic approach to problems. A plus for this experience was living in India; a fascinating country that left me with amazing mind-blowing anecdotes."

Daniela Sota Valdivia, DAAD Scholar Willy Brandt School of Public Policy

"Having come from different disciplines such as History, Engineering and actuarial sciences, Bargad has been the best platform for all our skills to come together. Ideating Bargad from scratch, we found ourselves amidst the most diverse and eclectic mix of professionals who have come from the best institutions of the country. It is truly a project that has been conceptualised way ahead of its time, and is steadily making an impact."

Vivek Lohia, Snigdha Peruri and Gnana Suthan (From left to right)